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About Us

Not only do we build cool iPhone and iPad mobile applications, we also build the integration layers to allow your mobile apps to communicate with your enterprise back end systems.

If you need a new back end database-driven system, we can also help you develop it from ground up.

Contact us for more information.


Our Portfolio

Model Folio iPad App

We are the sole developer for this in-house ideation project for 8 Inc — the multinational design studio that designs Apple stores. This iPad app helps professional models manage their portfolios of photos and is now available in the App Store – Purchase Model Folio app today.


LionsXII iPhone App

LionsXII iPhone App

The LionsXII iPhone app is a fan app for the Singapore LionsXII Football Team (free app) published by Kingsmen Ooh-Media, a subsidiary of Kingsmen (an SGX public listed company since 2003).

We are the sole developer for both the front end and back end (which handles the photo contest image submission).

We also developed the Android version of the app.

With the app, the user can show red/yellow card, submit pictures to the “fan of the match” photo contest, view LionsXII videos from it’s YouTube channel, and listen & share the all-new LionsXII Chant.


Sales Trac iPhone App

Sales Trac iPhone 5 Screens
We are the sole developer for both the front end and back end of the Sales Trac iPhone App (free app, available in Singapore app store).

Sales Trac is a sales reporting app that uses SMS to do a one-time registration. It also automatically detects users of the app who are also in your Address Book, so you can easily add them to your sales group. Check it out!


Billboard SG iPhone App

Now available for free in the Singapore App Store, the Billboard SG app is an app similar to Craigslist and eBay. It allows users to view interesting items or events that are posted on a “billboard”. Users can also search for items, filter them by categories, post comments, and of course pin their own posts up on the virtual billboard. Download the app today!


1-Altitude iPod Touch App

We are the sole developer of the 1-Altitude Gallery app. This is an in-house app for 1-Altitude – the “highest pub” in Singapore.

Deployed to 1-Altitude’s 100 iPod Touch devices, the app gives the pub goer a quick introduction to the pub facilities (there’s a golf simulator!), as well as the various tourist attractions in Singapore.


Show Avenue iPhone App

Show Avenue iPhone App

We are the sole developer for both the front end and back end of the Show Avenue iPhone App (free app).

This location-based app lists down the interesting events and promotions happening in Singapore. It has been featured in Yahoo and Penn Olson.

We also developed the back-end admin website and integration layers, as well as Show Avenue’s corporate website.


Math Games (iOS Universal Apps)

This is a series of apps containing arithmetic drills for primary school children (i.e. kids in elementary grades). We get an average of around 700 downloads daily.


Grammar Quiz (iOS Universal App)

Grammar Quiz App

This is an elementary grammar quiz app for kids in primary / elementary schools.


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