iPhone Developers

There is an apparent imbalance between supply of good iPhone developers and demand for quality iPhone (or iPad) apps from big companies, SMEs and even aspiring entrepreneurs.

Until the local universities and polytechnics produce sufficient graduates who are well equipped to do iOS development, this shortage of talent will hinder the progress of the mobile apps industry in Singapore.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy issue to tackle — technical programmes at tertiary level are relatively unpopular. Students here are very much attracted to the banking and finance industry. They prefer to take a business- or finance-related course of study instead of engineering, sciences or IT.

There are iPhone developer jobs, but are there enough people to fill them?

Singapore iPhone Developers

Singapore iPhone Apps

Do you know there are quite a number of very talented independent iPhone developers in Singapore?

Here’s a list of cool made-in-Singapore iPhone apps that we know are built by Singaporean iPhone coders.

Due — super fast reminders, reusable egg timers

Due app icon

The Due app, touted as the “missing reminder app” when it was first released, is the app that offers compelling reminder / timer features even in the face of competition from Apple itself!

“Due” was released about 1.5 years ago, way before Apple decided to include the default Reminders app in the iOS. While the latter was introduced to much fanfare, the former quietly attained cult status with its no-nonsense and “super fast” features that allow its users to create timers and reminders “in a tap”.

At its peak, “Due” was ranked 4th in the productivity category in US, an amazing feat by most standards. (If you aren’t aware, US ranking is all that matters to most iOS developers.)


Paper Ninja

Paper Ninja app icon

Paper Ninja was first released about 2 years ago and reached #1 ranking (!!) in the coveted games category in the US (and a few other stores) in December 2010.

In this game, players use the slicing action to “sword fight” with enemies.

The creators of Paper Ninja are 2 Singaporeans – Koh Siang Leng and Yang Ruizhi.