iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

Apple launched its latest iPhone models – iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c – in September this year.

While iPhone 5c is arguably an iPhone 5 (launched last year) covered in colorful plastic, the iPhone 5s boasts several new features.

In addition to a faster 64-bit A7 processor chip, the iPhone 5s has a faster and better camera and a fingerprint reader called the Touch ID.

With the Touch ID, you can easily unlock your iPhone with just a simple tap on the sensor. No more passcode!

The iPhone 5s also comes equipped with the M7 co-processor that is designed to “measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass”, taking some load off the main A7 processor. This means your iPhone will do the work much faster than other phones.

Taking great photos will be a breeze on the new iPhone 5s. It has a larger 8-megapixel sensor, with a 33% increase in light sensitivity compared to the older iPhone 5. The aperture is now at f/2.2, allowing the camera to capture even more light. Image stabilisation is also added – no more blurry pictures! For the first time, you can now record videos in full 1080p HD.

Would you buy the iPhone 5s? Or the iPhone 5c that comes in 5 “stunning” colors?

Apple iPhone 5s

iPhone 5 Singtel M1 Starhub

iPhone 5 with high speed LTE (Long Term Evolution) will go on sale in Singapore on 14th September 2012 and ships on 21st September 2012.

Singtel M1 LTE

Even though only M1 and Singtel are shown on the map during the Apple presentation, Starhub is also offering the high speed LTE wireless service.

In short, all 3 telcos here — Singtel, M1 and Starhub — will support the high speed network service required to fully exploit the new iPhone 5.


Singtel To Sell iPhone 5

It’s been almost confirmed* that Singtel will start selling the iPhone 5 together with the first groups of countries before the middle of September 2012.

As with the iPhone 4S, Singapore (and hence Singtel) has always been among the first few countries to get the latest Apple products.

The current model of the iPhone was released on Oct 28 last year without much surprise. This year’s iPhone 5 launch date will be likewise unsurprising.

*from unofficial sources

iPhone 5 Singapore

It’s been almost confirmed by various reliable sources that the iPhone 5 is already in production and will be available in 2012 Q4.

Singapore has always been among the first group of countries to get new iDevices, so it will not be a surprise if we see the iPhone 5 here in Singapore in October.

A round-up of the purported new features in iPhone 5:

  • Taller screen, bigger and having a better display quality than before. The screen will also be thinner, shaving off significant millimetres from the phone’s thickness and grammes off its weight.
  • Smaller connector. Apple is moving from the 30-pin dock connector to a new 19-pin connector.
  • NFC. Contact payment maybe?

iPhone 5 white


New iPhone 5 May Have Longer 4-Inch Screen

According to one of the most reliable sources of Apple rumors, the upcoming iPhone model — maybe called iPhone 5 — may have a 4-inch screen.

Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge is saying that the yet-to-be-announced model will have a “10mm jump in height, (and) nearly 2mm reduction in thickness”.

All current iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 4S, sport a 3.5-inch screen made from hardened glass. The first-generation iPhone used a special kind of hardened glass called Gorilla Glass (manufactured by Corning Inc), while other generations probably used another type of aluminosilicate glass.

The new iPhone will use Gorilla Glass 2, according to iLounge. It will also have a narrower dock connector with fewer pins than the current 30-pin one.

New iPhone 5 May Have 4-Inch Screen