iOS 7 New Features

Apple touts on its website that the new iOS 7 will have the new Control Center, AirDrop, and smarter multitasking.

The UI of the home screen and all pre-installed apps, including their icons, have been thoroughly re-designed. Folders are now bigger and the Notification Center has better organized sections.

Photos and Camera apps have new features that help you capture moments and manage your pictures. There are also live photo filters that can be applied in a “non-destructive” way.

The new AirDrop for iOS lets you quickly share contacts, photos and even videos over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Apple will release iOS 7 to the public this fall.

iOS 7

New iPhone 5 May Have Longer 4-Inch Screen

According to one of the most reliable sources of Apple rumors, the upcoming iPhone model — maybe called iPhone 5 — may have a 4-inch screen.

Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge is saying that the yet-to-be-announced model will have a “10mm jump in height, (and) nearly 2mm reduction in thickness”.

All current iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 4S, sport a 3.5-inch screen made from hardened glass. The first-generation iPhone used a special kind of hardened glass called Gorilla Glass (manufactured by Corning Inc), while other generations probably used another type of aluminosilicate glass.

The new iPhone will use Gorilla Glass 2, according to iLounge. It will also have a narrower dock connector with fewer pins than the current 30-pin one.

New iPhone 5 May Have 4-Inch Screen


iOS Devices Made More Money For Google Than Android

Google made more money from Apple iOS devices than Android sets. The revenue generated from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was more than 4 times that from Android sets, according to a report by The Guardian.

This is despite claims that Android has been outselling the Apple sets in recent times.

At the end of 2011, an estimated 200m Android devices had been activated, while Apple had cumulatively sold 315m iOS devices, why is only about 50% more.

So why did iOS make 300% more revenue than Android? There must be something magical about iOS.

iOS and Android